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BayanPay is a company in Saudi Arabia that is
looking to revolutionize how people pay for products
and transfer money.

of Work



Make paying for goods and services more intuitive and simple

Eliminate the possibility of fraudulent use

Generate users for the Bayan platform


We developed a native Android and iOS mobile app for BayanPay. A core focus of development was creating the ultimate user experience within the application. The complicated and extensive KYC process might put-off some users so we took steps to split it up into easily digestible pieces.

It isn't finished
until somebody
is using it.


The dashboard contains all the essential functions such as the most important statistics, and buttons to take the most common actions. Users can send money and add payment links at the simple touch of a button.


"Sacha has completed several projects for us over the past year. They were delivered on time and exceeded all expectations, as expected of a Swiss company. We look forward to working with them again in the future."


Revolutionizing the hospitality industry

 The ultimate revolutionary app for the hospitality industry. A completely new system of "hire and get hired" for casual professionals



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Since its launch, BayanPay has seen significant growth in many different aspects of their business, especially in the number of users the first month, the number of transactions made, and the numbers of merchants that integrated the solution at their physical stores.

Increase in Sales
Merchants integration
Let's build something