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Aladdin is a company in Saudi Arabia that is looking to
revolutionize the way people travel by developing a mobile
application that allows users to earn a countless amount of
miles while traveling and using the application for the day to
day expenses with selected merchants across the globe. 

of Work



Complete design and development of a mobile application and web platform

Separate intuitive interfaces for users and merchants

Payment through the app with customized QR code

Seamless integration with airline providers


We developed an app that allows users to create their profiles, link their account with an airline provider, browse through thousands of merchants across different industries, and use the app to proceed with payments to earn miles.

It isn't finished
until somebody
is using it.


We developed a separate interface for the merchants that allow them to generate customized QR code to accept payments, withdraw their earnings, and view all the statistics in regards to their venue.

Web Application

We have also developed a separate web platform for merchants to allow them to create and edit their profiles on the app, store all the data related to their clients, as well as link their earnings with their respective bank accounts to activate automatic transfers.


Innovating shipping processes

SmartShip is a platform that aims to facilitate the shipping and delivery process for merchants in the MENA region.



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Since its launch, Aladdin has seen significant growth in many different aspects of their business, especially in the number of users that signed up, the number of merchants that created their profiles, and the number of miles that have been generated.

Users in the first week
Miles generated
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