Tartbik allows users to request services directly through the platform and get a quotation for
them. Individuals may also select from a list of available vendors
who are ready to bid directly from their own platform.

of Work



Complete design and development of a user-friendly mobile application

Implementation of AI to showcase relevant discussions based on interests

Seamless synchronization with the calendar to set reminders for selected events

Smart push notification system to increase user-generated content across the platform

Review-based system to rank companies that offer the best services within a specific community

Mobile Application

We have developed a mobile application where users can browse through the different discussions taking place, items for bring traded, events being organized, as well as companies being reviewed and interact accordingly.

Landing Page

we have developed a landing page in order to increase mobile application downloads and conversions.


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Since its launch, Community Advisor has seen significant growth in many different aspects of their business, especially in the number of users that signed up, the number of communities covered, as well as the number of interactions happening on the mobile application.

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