We would like to address concerns about a recruitment scam falsely using the name of Emirates Graphic. We want to clarify that we at Emirates Graphic have no association with these fraudulent activities. We never contact job seekers through unofficial channels, nor do we ask for payments during the recruitment process or job discussions. We are aware of this scam and are investigating and pursuing action into this matter.

In the meantime, we urge you to be cautious when engaging with strangers online. If you receive any job-related communications that appear to be from Emirates Graphic, please verify their authenticity through our official company sources before proceeding. Your vigilance is crucial in helping to protect yourself against such scams.


Progressively optimize bleeding-edge results for inexpensive synergy.
Authoritatively engage client-focused infomediaries and cross-unit applications.

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Complete design and development of a user-friendly web platform

Integration with Google to showcase restaurants in your area

Seamless synchronization with the restaurants and their booking systems

Creation of a smart loyalty program to increase engagement


We have developed a website where users can browse through the different categories of restaurants, check the timings and discounts available, and book their tables accordingly.


We have developed a web application where users can keep track of their reservations, have access to their promo codes, and collect loyalty points.


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Since its launch, DineSouq has seen significant growth in many different aspects of their business, especially in the number of users that signed up, the number of reservations that have been placed, and the number of restaurants listed on the platform.

5000 %
Users in the first month
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